Cattle guards and Gates

I am in open range country which means cattle guards and Gates here are some pictures explaining what that means.

Coming up on the gate
Stopped at the gate
What the gates look like
What the cattle guard looks like
Gate is open
The gate is open laying on the ground
Drove the boys through the gate and hobbled Renegade they couldn’t take off
Gate is closed
Hobbles are back on the wagon
Driving off

5 thoughts on “Cattle guards and Gates

  1. P s I have never seen anything anyone else has written – anyone out there or am I not informed about how to comment and get a resonse or comment?
    dottie – in Georgia now
    Wish I lived enroute so I could host you when you are nearby 🙂


  2. Where are the “Shady Oasis” rest areas? Those ranchers that work out there every day must get sunburned huh? 🙂


  3. Are there always gates you can drive a wagon through? I thought I saw some in MT only wide enough to ride a horse through, not drive through.

    Would love to know in case one day I take a journey. 🙂


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