Back on the road

I’m heading west again. Still sore and a bit banged up but still moving forward. A great big Thank you goes out to Don Collins for taking care of my Boys and for transporting them to Candler. Also for helping me with the harness repair that was needed. Another Thank you to Annette and Albert for putting me up and doctoring my wounds. I would also like mention Jacksons Saddle Shop at 641 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806 for donating the items I needed to repair my harnesses. 

Buck and Renegade getting off of Don Collins Trailer.

Routing is flexible

I’ll be heading back on road soon so thought I would post the next weeks route. My route is Enka, Cherokee, Murphy, then Cleveland Tn if you know of anyone along this route who might like to host me please contact me.Please remember that my route is somewhat flexible. I’ll be starting about 10 miles from where I had the accident as I don’t deem it necessary to travel the same road twice. 

Next weeks route

Day 124 Recovery

I am sore but recovering nicely. I would like to thank Roxanne and Jeremy for stopping my horses and staying with them till Don Collins came to pick them up and take them to his stables Thank you Don. The Lady that stopped and gave me hot cocoa and walked me to the corner where the ambulance picked me up, Thank You I wish I knew your name.  My thanks goes out to the first responders and the police for their help also to the animal control people who took care of Schatzie while I was unable to do so. Many thanks to Annette and Albert Corrivue for picking up Schatzie and rescuing me from the hospital and give me a place to recover. Thank you all so much. Angela

Black Mountain Day 121

I went over Black Mountain today. Was warned that it was steep and a hard haul for the horses. But something inside said to do it. I’ve learnt to listen to that voice.  So I did it and I’m very glad I did it was awesome. Wasn’t as steep as some of the mountain ridges I crossed heading east. It’s a nice ride and I would recommend it to anyone for a good hike or ride.IMG_20181119_102155499IMG_20181119_091016388_TOP

Horse Blankets

I just put blankets on my two boys. I left two blankets with my friend in Kentucky because I didn’t think I would need them this early. I went outside this morning and my boys were shivering. So I tied the two survival blankets I had on them with twine. My host gave me one blanket that fit Renegade and then she drove me to a Tack shop where I bought one for Buck. So now my boys are warm.

Smoky Mountains

I’m heading back into the Smokey Mountains. I’ve decided to head west thru Asheville, Cherokee, and on to Tellico Plaines Tn. I’ve decided to drop a little more South on my Trek. However remember I’m flexible on where I travel so this can change day by day. If you are on this route or know of someone who is and would be interested in Hosting me please contact me.Screenshot_20181112-062405

Day 102 Horse Shoes and Farrier.

Farrier Roy Barnes did an excellent job on shoeing my Boys. I’m always thought that a barefoot horse is a heathy horse and I still think that. But on this Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek it was and is necessary to shoe the boys simply because both of them drag their back hooves. They drug the toes out of their hoof boots in short order. I was lucky that I found Farrier Roy Barnes in Wilkesboro NC. Their first set lasted 604 miles and have enough life left in them to be used as spares.20181111_174940-COLLAGE ( Contact me for his contact information if you’re in the area and need a farrier).