And Rest days

Rest days are very important to the horses. I like to drive 3 days rest 1 then drive 3 days and rest 2 days seems to be the best pattern for Renegade and Star-Buck. In the last 13 days I went from Brule NE to just east of Lyman NE. Here are some of the Sights I seen along the way.

Jailhouse and Courthouse Rock
Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock at night
An old wagon
Just thought this was beautiful
Fire on one side scary tractor on the other
Rifle Site pass
Scott’s Bluff
Mitchell pass

3 thoughts on “And Rest days

  1. Wow. Very impressive that “Fire and Tractor” photo. It sure takes a well trained team to put up with that. Well done. Sure am enjoying all your photos. Bernie Harberts

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