The count down continues

16 days to the serious training starts then 7 weeks to the jump off of my trek. I’ve had people asking about my planned route so here it is. Please be aware that I’ll be adjusting this route as I go.

Myroute¬† I plan on starting this Trek in July of 2017. This time frame is adjustable. I’m planning for that date because it will have me doing winter in the warmer states. Ky, Tn, NC ,Tn,Ky,Ar,OK,. Basically following the Benge route of the Trail of Tears. I’m hoping to be leaving OK. in February then it will be heading north through Dodge City Ks,Ne,Wy,Mt,Id,and Wa following the Lewis and Clark trail some what. I’m hoping to get to Neah Bay Wa by Oct or Nov 2019. Then I will head south down the coast to CA then start heading east thru Nv, Ut, I’m hoping to go thru these to states in the spring when it will be cooler and there will be more water. Then Co,Ks, Mo,Ky,. My route may change as I go.¬† Then home for the end of this trip. But not I hope the end of the story.