Kindness and Generosity

My hosts in Wheatland Wyoming are what made America great. Very kind generous people they put my boys up in a large pasture, put me up in there guest room for the three days of bad weather. Then on the second day they drove me to scout the roads I’ll be traveling on for the next two weeks and helped me get permission to cross and park on ranches so that I’m not trespassing. That sounds like a simple thing but the dirt roads we drove on were muddy and very slippery because of some type of clay here in Wyoming that turns to slime when wet. It took us 10 hours to drive the route and we had to chain up. A big Thank You to them.

And Rest days

Rest days are very important to the horses. I like to drive 3 days rest 1 then drive 3 days and rest 2 days seems to be the best pattern for Renegade and Star-Buck. In the last 13 days I went from Brule NE to just east of Lyman NE. Here are some of the Sights I seen along the way.

Jailhouse and Courthouse Rock
Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock at night
An old wagon
Just thought this was beautiful
Fire on one side scary tractor on the other
Rifle Site pass
Scott’s Bluff
Mitchell pass

Cattle guards and Gates

I am in open range country which means cattle guards and Gates here are some pictures explaining what that means.

Coming up on the gate
Stopped at the gate
What the gates look like
What the cattle guard looks like
Gate is open
The gate is open laying on the ground
Drove the boys through the gate and hobbled Renegade they couldn’t take off
Gate is closed
Hobbles are back on the wagon
Driving off

North Platte River and Cattle Guards

I’ve hit the North Platte River Valley and it’s beautiful. I’ve been traveling south of the Platte River on the Oregon Trail. I’m on a beautiful road through open range land. Driving through open range is a beautiful except that when you have open range you have cattleguards. On road 54 south of Lisco Ne. I’ve had to open up and pass through 9 cattleguard gates. Still I enjoyed the drive today.

Oregon trail monument

An old house you could feel the history

Oregon Trail

I’ve made Brule NE and the Oregon Trail today. It was a wet cold day but made it to a great host. I’ve decided that I am going to do the smart thing and not do California Hill. But here is a picture of me and Schatzie at the beginning of the California Hill.