FB_IMG_1440692202445.jpgThere are several different types of hunger. There is the hunger of the body, the hunger of the soul, the hunger of emotions, and the hunger of intellect. When children grow up hungry they do not develop correctly. My mission is to bring awareness of these type of hungers and the problems they cause when children are neglected and are hungry. Children that are hungry as a child become deficient adults and have a hard time becoming successful members of society.

Easter Sunday

It was a good day the boys moved along at a steady pace. I’m going to have to get a different collar for Renegade, his is still rubbing his neck. I’ll be resting for a couple of days in Levent KS. I drive for three days then rest one then drive for three days and rest two.


Waiting for a farrier

04/19/2019 My hosts Stacey and Tina are awesome. There apparently is not many farriers in North West Kansas. I was hoping my boys could go another week before I needed to reset their shoes but Renegades shoes slipped lose and the nails bent a little so when I tightened it up it was out of place. Which might cause an abscess because it was on the sole of the hood instead of the wall. My Hosts called very one they knew who might know a farrier and got a hold of onw that would come out and do my Boys. He will be here today at 930. A big Thank you goes out to them.

I love big butts

Scott City Kansas

April 15. Didn’t realize I had fell behind on my posts. So here is a update. My Daughter-in-law has passed away on April 1 so I drove from Garden City Kansas to say goodbye to one of the sweetest ladies I ever had the privilege to know. She will be missed very much. Then when I got back to Kansas there was a cold front coming through and I decided to stay where I was till it passed over. I am now in Scott City Kansas at the Scott County Free Fairgrounds where I’ll be resting the boys tomorrow. Thank you to Scott City for a place to stay. I’ve also added my route for the next couple weeks. If you know anyone along this route or near it please ask them if the world hosts me

My route for the next three weeks

Cherokee Oklahoma

I am in Cherokee Oklahoma I am at the fairgrounds and my boys are in stalls and I have access to an arena so in between rain storms I can turn them out and let them run and play. It is supposed to rain the next couple days so I’ll be staying here till Thursday mmorning. I’ve got all the hay I need thanks to Bill Allen a fine gentleman here in Cherokee Oklahoma.

Rest and Harness Sores

When I got to Stillwater I expected only to be resting for one day. But like all plans it had to change. When I checked out my boys on the rest day I saw that Star-Buck had a swollen spot on his side and that he was tender on the rub marks. I immediately knew that I was going to have to rest for a longer-term break. So I contacted Cara Shelton that I had been talking to about Hosts on my travels. She gave me a number to call and that lady called her cousin and got me a really nice place to stay till Star-Buck heals up and the winter storm passes. God is good

The Robinson Arena

Oklahoma Family Visit

I’m visiting my Sister and Nephew and their families close to Oklahoma City Oklahoma. One of my blessings on this trip is that I have family spread out across the USA so that I get to see them as I go. This is my Route for the next week or so. Please remember my route may change at a moment’s notice due to traffic or weather. God bless.

Oklahoma wind

I’m in McAlester Oklahoma at the Pittsburg cattlemen Association Arena. They were kind enough to let me Camp out here tonight. And I have internet yayy. I had a very nice hosting last night in Adamson Ok all the neighborhood stopped and checked on me. Thank you Adamson Ok. I also stayed at the Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton Ok. And would like to thank the people there who helped me get to town to wash clothes. Would also like to thank Matt and his wife and friends who made time to help me fix my lights on my wagon and took Schatzie and I to the Vet so that Schatzie could get to feeling better. Matt Parker is the Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach of the Eastern Oklahoma State College. A big thank you to all of these people.

Dirt Roads

Dirt roads are a gift, when I go down a dirt road I’m not thinking about the bumps and pot holes. I’m thinking about how our pioneer ancestors travel roads similar to the one I’m on. How even though the world has changed the mountains and ridges have remained the same. How that little stream of water is probably the same stream that a thousand horses have been watered at in times past. About how the sights, sounds and yes smells are the same as my great great grandparents seen and smelled. All I can think of is that life is good and God is great to lead me on this mission of mine.

County line Road leading towards Sugar Grove Ar.