Day 26 of training

A tough decision made.

 Jessie is doing well but I have decided that he is to high strung for the type of trip I am doing. As the leader of this Trek I have to decide if it’s in the horse’s best interest and health for him to be put under the type of stress that this Trek will provide. Unfortunately I believe this would be to much for Jessie. So I’m pulling him from the line up. I’ll be replacing him with Buck.
Here is some background on Buck. Buck was rescued as a four year old from a very bad situation. He was extremely under weight. The night of his rescue he collapsed and couldn’t get back up, he was to weak. The rescuers had to put him on an IV and turn him over to stop bedsores. After two days of around the clock care a web sling was found and he was hoisted to his feet. After three days of being in the sling he was able to stay up on his feet. However he was unable to get up when he laid down for another 4 days. During this time he had to be hoisted to his feet another 6 times. But after a week he was on the mend. I sponsored him at this time and decided to adopted him. Buck is now 9 years old and is completely healthy. And quite chunky he was only my second choice because he is only 14’3 hands tall. Which makes him a bit smaller then Renegade.

4 thoughts on “Day 26 of training

  1. Dear Angela, this might delay the start date of your trip, but it’s best to find out these things now, rather than later.
    Buck sounds like a good choice; you know he’s tough and you know he will do whatever you ask since you saved his life. Also, sometimes good things do come in small packages. At 14’3″, he’s more approachable by the kids you will meet along the way.
    Take care, Betty

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  2. Buck AMAZED me during his rescue. He KNEW we were helping him and never once showed any type of aggressive or bad behavior. Even with all our pulling and turning and working to turn him over. He was calm. 💕
    He is solid as a rock temperament wise.

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