Day 68

I’m in Ash NC. I’m parked back at the Garland Groves horse facility. Brandy and Ethan are still hosting me as I am talking to the Vet about Renegade’s teeth problem. He had x-rays today and I’ll hear more of what will be needed to help him tomorrow or the next day. Mean while I’ll also be riding out the Storm Michael with them while their friends Chip and Naomi are kindly allowing me to stay in their home while the Storm comes through.IMG_20181001_105046479

Sunset Beach NC

Day 67, and 650 miles. I’ve made it to the Eastern Coast at Sunset Beach. I’m just a figure head it’s all of you who will make the difference. Please just step up and say Childhood Hunger has to stop not just the physical but the intellectual, emotional and spiritual. If you see a need step up and Help, it doesn’t have to be money. I would like to thank the Sunset Beach police for the escort across the bridge. I would also like to Thank  the Wishing Well Family Campground 502 Seaside Rd SW Sunset Beach for hosting my Boys, Schatzie and me for two nights. God leads the way.

Equine Dentist

I’ve got the horses teeth done by a horse dentist. Renegade has a cavity he called it by a different name but basically he has a bad tooth so I am getting it x-rayed Tuesday after I get back from beach at Garland Groves. It might need to be treated with antibiotics and or extraction. Will have to wait and see.

Buck needs one if his canines pulled it’s broke off and that means surgery but it will have to wait while I raise the money to get it done. Renegade needs his tended as soon as possible so working on it first.IMG_20181006_153312.jpg

It will cost around 600 for Renegade I believe. I’ve researched  canines extraction and it costs between 1600 to 4000 dollars. As I’m on my Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek I will please need some help.

Day 66 5 miles

We are five miles from the Eastern Coast. We be there tomorrow at 11am approximately. The town mayor and police at Sunset Beach have kindly agreed to allow me to the coast and will be giving me an escort across the bridge both ways. A large Thank you to them. And a very large Thank you to all the people who have been made this possible by helping us along the way. This isn’t just me doing it it’s all of us. Americans if we want a better America where children don’t go Hungry we (each one of us) have to go that extra mile.IMG_20180831_114716651

Permission granted

As of a few minutes ago I have received premission to go to Sunset Beach on Sunday with an escort across the bridge and to the beach access lane. Where pictures will be taken and the Westward journey for the Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek will start. God leads the way  I just follow.

Beach Access

I’ve been resting the boys, I pushed pretty hard due to not finding a good place to park due to the storm. But by the grace of God I landed in Ash NC at Garland Groves, a horse boarding facility.  Renegade and Buck have been resting up while I am trying to get permission to bring them to the beach. IMG_20181001_105046479

Day 58 Grain and Hay

Feeding the boys. I’m proud of my feeding schedule. I feed the boys alot of hay and grain. For instance Renegade gets between 10 and 15 lbs of grain a day and if picketed he also gets hay how much hay depends on the quality of grass. Buck get 8 to 12 lb of grain and the same as above on that. They have walked 588 miles as of today and I was asked if Buck was pregnant today I’m proud of that question it means my boys are well fed.

Rest Days

Rest Days again. I’m in Vass Nc today I decided the Boys needed a two day break early we’ve done 80 miles in four days. The boys weren’t tired but the goal is to not get them tired out. When I turn them loose I want them to still have some play in them after they fill their bellies. Also the road I want to travel is still not available due to the flooding. So hopefully it will be open Tuesday.853_1537393441896


Day 52 the power of media

The power of internet media is a little bit scary. I was a few miles from Carthage NC when I was waved at from a car. They wanted me to stop and talk as they have been following me on Facebook. I was willing to do so as that is how I get my message out and make friends.  I just met some more friends. My new friends went way beyond just talking they went out of their way to find me a place to stay and then chased me down and brought me the news and the directions to my new hosts. Thank you for helping. They are what American people are at heart, generous, compassionate and ready to extend a helping hand. Thank you. People we need to forget our fear and extend a helping hand to our neighbors and our community and take back what made America great, our hearts and minds and a willingness to help. Again my message is Just Help when you see a need.