Day 102 Horse Shoes and Farrier.

Farrier Roy Barnes did an excellent job on shoeing my Boys. I’m always thought that a barefoot horse is a heathy horse and I still think that. But on this Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek it was and is necessary to shoe the boys simply because both of them drag their back hooves. They drug the toes out of their hoof boots in short order. I was lucky that I found Farrier Roy Barnes in Wilkesboro NC. Their first set lasted 604 miles and have enough life left in them to be used as spares.20181111_174940-COLLAGE ( Contact me for his contact information if you’re in the area and need a farrier).

Heading towards Wilkesboro

Good afternoon family, friends and followers. I haven’t Posted in awhile so here goes. I’ve stayed a week with my sister Tanya to rest the boys and my knee. But I’m now heading down the road, left out Monday and have had awesome Hosts in the last week. I would again like to thank BlimpsWorks for helping me winterize my wagon. A special thanks goes out to Danny. I hope God blesses them mightly. Also again thanking Love Valley for their kind and generous welcome. I am now somewhere between Love Valley and Wilkesboro. Will keep you posted on what’s next.IMG_20181023_141736385

Day 80 I think

Today was a good day, I met a lot of very nice people.  To the people who met me today and were generous with either food, their time or help thank you. You all are truly followers of God. I would specially would like to thank the Police Officer who generously found me a place to park tonight. And the volunteer firefighters who made me feel at home in Shannon NC. Thank you

Day 75 Good day

Today was a good day. The Boys worked well. Schatzie was a great ambassador to a little boy. I was given a box of sweet potatoes for the horses. My last nights Host Debbie found me a host for tonight before I had to start knocking on doors. I love when I know I have a place to stay. It reduces the stress levels by a hundred percent. So all in all it was a wonderful day.  God is awesome.

Good News

IMG_20180928_145540168_HDROk  We got good news today, Renegade is in the clear for his Teeth. There is no infection and very little damaged areas so he doesn’t need to have anymore work done. Buck still needs to have his Canine tooth pulled. There is a Veterinarian in Salisbury NC that has agreed to do the work but will still need to pay for it. Please help by donating to Buck’s GoFundMe account.


Day 68

I’m in Ash NC. I’m parked back at the Garland Groves horse facility. Brandy and Ethan are still hosting me as I am talking to the Vet about Renegade’s teeth problem. He had x-rays today and I’ll hear more of what will be needed to help him tomorrow or the next day. Mean while I’ll also be riding out the Storm Michael with them while their friends Chip and Naomi are kindly allowing me to stay in their home while the Storm comes through.IMG_20181001_105046479