Renegade’s injury

His injury has pulled him out of the Trek he is going to be on field rest for 6 months. So now I have to make a decision about the trek. Do I buy another horse and continue with the wagon or do I sell the wagon and ride Star-Buck the rest of the way home. Either way it’s going to be a major change in my life. It’s hard to imagine this trek with out my Renegade he’s been such a solid steady beautiful horse. He always gave 110 percent when he was working. I’ll miss him on the road.

4 thoughts on “Renegade’s injury

  1. Blessings for all you have done and prayers for the decisions you are facing. This trek has brought awareness to so many of us and made me realize we all have to step up and take the responsibility and nit just talk.
    God bless you and give that beautiful horse all the love from Tennessee.


  2. Angela. So sorry to hear about Renegade’s injury. He’s been a real trooper. As has Buck. Wow. I know you’ve got a lot on your mind about how to continue. It’s gotta be so hard after all these months and thousands of miles forging ahead to now stop and decide which way to continue.
    You’ll come up with an answer though. Whatever you decide, we’re incredibly impressed how far you’ve gotten and how beautifully you shared your journey at this blog.


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