Dangerous Road

As I left Fallon Nv I was on highway 95 going south which I knew was a very busy road. However I didn’t realize it was going to be a dangerous road. In the first 2 miles a big semi truck decided to play chicken with a oncoming semi truck right beside me. Then in the next 2 miles it happened two more times so I called my next host and asked for help. She immediately came and picked up my boys, Schatzie and I in her horse trailer. Her friend Gene also came to my rescue and picked up my wagon. What a awesome wonderful rescue. Thank you


10 thoughts on “Dangerous Road

  1. Aug 28 2019
    What a horrifying experience.
    Thank God for people that will help when called upon – absolutely Hosts that go that extra mile for sure. I am so thankful they were on your route at this time . I was concerned on the photo’s of you went thru that town with all the stores and parked cars & traffic – I thought you were able to avoid those kind of busy areas- thats as scarey as the Mountains and “only” 60 more miles until you get to the next Mt range you and the guys will be exhausted again by the time you get there :-(. I”m sure you will persevere, you have so far because Gods angels are looking out for you and putting people in your path to help, sometimes when it looks like you are the only person on the planet in some of those pictures.
    You are doing terrific and I am so proud of you, you are a special girl and I am so happy to be your friend.
    Travel safe like you have been until you get back home.
    Dottie in Georgia/Florida 📬


  2. God has your back and is with you every mile and then some. I met you in Tennessee and I follow you and your journey for this wonderful cause. God bless and good travels.


  3. Thank goodness there were people there to help. May God continue to keep you under his protective umbrella. Love you. Lis


  4. Hwy 95 is deadly North to South. Drivers act like they are invensable. Hope the rest of your adventure is fun and safe.
    Wendy and Rlo


  5. Angela. Having been hit in a wagon traveling up the road, I know first hand how nerve wracking this situation can be.
    The disaster builds up gradually. You know the road is busy but you want to keep going. After all, you’ve been on mountain roads before and nothing happened, right?
    Good for you for taking a break before your luck turned South. I know how hard it can be to take a break when things aren’t going well. It’s too easy to soldier on until something disastrous happens – like your wagon gets hit by a vehicle.
    When it comes to the well-being of my animals, putting them – or my rig – on to a trailer is not cheating. You’re doing great and I’m impressed with your call.
    Here’s to better behaved drivers!
    Bernie / Independence Rock, Wyoming


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