A hard week

It’s been a hard 6 days for the boys. They did 153 miles in the last 6 days through a hot and not much water terrain. The long days were because we had to go from water to water hole. But they held up well and we are now resting up at the Silver Sage horse boarding facility. We broke our record for the longest distance done this week and hopefully never to do again 39 miles in one day. I would like to thank all those that made this trek possible bringing us water and letting me know where water would be found.

Leaving Winnemucca
The night sky at the Vesco ranch
the road goes on
the sun was coming up behind us
The sunset behind the boys

5 thoughts on “A hard week

  1. Good Job Angela….Bernie’s just hitting the long distances between water and it does mean careful planning. So well done bringing your team through it. Love Julia


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