Crossing Bridger-Teton National Park

I’ve made Etna Wy. I had a beautiful drive thru McDougall pass. It was three days of a steady but not steep up hill climb. How ever for what ever reason Renegades collar rubbed him again and started a sore. So I’ll be staying put in Etna till it heals up. Here are some pictures of my journey.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Bridger-Teton National Park

  1. Angela,
    Your pictures taken near Etna,WY
    Are so beautiful – so glad you are taking pictures and posting 😉
    You must get exhausted often – does your wagon still carry everything you needed when you started ?
    AND, how can you stop in and get something to eat – its beautiful but desolate 😦 Keep on rolling, we are all so proud of you 🤠🐴
    Dottie Jenkins
    Georgia / FL 🙂


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