Rest and Harness Sores

When I got to Stillwater I expected only to be resting for one day. But like all plans it had to change. When I checked out my boys on the rest day I saw that Star-Buck had a swollen spot on his side and that he was tender on the rub marks. I immediately knew that I was going to have to rest for a longer-term break. So I contacted Cara Shelton that I had been talking to about Hosts on my travels. She gave me a number to call and that lady called her cousin and got me a really nice place to stay till Star-Buck heals up and the winter storm passes. God is good

The Robinson Arena

One thought on “Rest and Harness Sores

  1. So happy you and the boys are able to rest peacefully and comfortably. Thank you to these owners. You are purposefully doing good for the hungry. Your bravery and courage to do this is phenomenal. Thank you for being a hero without even realizing that you are.


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