Routing is flexible

I’ll be heading back on road soon so thought I would post the next weeks route. My route is Enka, Cherokee, Murphy, then Cleveland Tn if you know of anyone along this route who might like to host me please contact me.Please remember that my route is somewhat flexible. I’ll be starting about 10 miles from where I had the accident as I don’t deem it necessary to travel the same road twice. 

Next weeks route

One thought on “Routing is flexible

  1. Angela, my phone was lifted while I was in the hospital recently… I missed your updates and now it sounds like you and the boys are recouping from a rough accident? Can you resend your accounts of what happened or text me – I now have a new phone but my address is the same…. sad part is ALL my contacts are gone – they couldn’t transfer the info without the old phone. 😩
    What happened ??


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