Day 124 Recovery

I am sore but recovering nicely. I would like to thank Roxanne and Jeremy for stopping my horses and staying with them till Don Collins came to pick them up and take them to his stables Thank you Don. The Lady that stopped and gave me hot cocoa and walked me to the corner where the ambulance picked me up, Thank You I wish I knew your name.  My thanks goes out to the first responders and the police for their help also to the animal control people who took care of Schatzie while I was unable to do so. Many thanks to Annette and Albert Corrivue for picking up Schatzie and rescuing me from the hospital and give me a place to recover. Thank you all so much. Angela

3 thoughts on “Day 124 Recovery

  1. So glad you are doing better, so grateful for t h par that have, and are helping you during this time. May Our Precious Lord place his Healing Arms around you.

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    • So sorry things went wrong but glad you are recovering. Cannot see what happened, please explain and God bless you and your creatures as you heal and journey on


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