Equine Dentist

I’ve got the horses teeth done by a horse dentist. Renegade has a cavity he called it by a different name but basically he has a bad tooth so I am getting it x-rayed Tuesday after I get back from beach at Garland Groves. It might need to be treated with antibiotics and or extraction. Will have to wait and see.

Buck needs one if his canines pulled it’s broke off and that means surgery but it will have to wait while I raise the money to get it done. Renegade needs his tended as soon as possible so working on it first.IMG_20181006_153312.jpg

It will cost around 600 for Renegade I believe. I’ve researched  canines extraction and it costs between 1600 to 4000 dollars. As I’m on my Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek I will please need some help.


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