Day 58 Grain and Hay

Feeding the boys. I’m proud of my feeding schedule. I feed the boys alot of hay and grain. For instance Renegade gets between 10 and 15 lbs of grain a day and if picketed he also gets hay how much hay depends on the quality of grass. Buck get 8 to 12 lb of grain and the same as above on that. They have walked 588 miles as of today and I was asked if Buck was pregnant today I’m proud of that question it means my boys are well fed.

One thought on “Day 58 Grain and Hay

  1. 9/30/2018
    My granddaughter and I saw you today around 2:30 on highway 130 nearing the Waccamaw River in Columbus County, NC. The area you traveled was under water just a week ago due to Hurricane Florence.
    Wishing you safe travels and praying for you!


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