Day 52 the power of media

The power of internet media is a little bit scary. I was a few miles from Carthage NC when I was waved at from a car. They wanted me to stop and talk as they have been following me on Facebook. I was willing to do so as that is how I get my message out and make friends.  I just met some more friends. My new friends went way beyond just talking they went out of their way to find me a place to stay and then chased me down and brought me the news and the directions to my new hosts. Thank you for helping. They are what American people are at heart, generous, compassionate and ready to extend a helping hand. Thank you. People we need to forget our fear and extend a helping hand to our neighbors and our community and take back what made America great, our hearts and minds and a willingness to help. Again my message is Just Help when you see a need.

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