Day 40 Horse Hoofs

I started this Trek with  2 complete sets of  horse boots. Thinking I was good for for 600 + miles. However I didn’t realize that my two boys are toe draggers. They have went through their hind feet’s sets in 394 miles. So with much thinking and decision making I’ve decided to put boruim shoes on my boys. Which will open a whole new type of problems. But hopefully will be less expensive.IMG_20180909_073755048

One thought on “Day 40 Horse Hoofs

  1. Hi,
    I saw you were in Love Valley two days ago. Not sure if you are moving now or are hunkering down till after the storm. If you are moving, you may already be past me. I am about 20-25 miles southwest of Love Valley. My vet office is right on 64 which looks like it is on your route. My farm would be a slight detour if you are coming down 901 from Love Valley. We were supposed to be packing in the Smokies this weekend but have cancelled due to the weather. If you need a place to stay down this way or anything vet wise for your horses, please let me know.
    Robin Brock, DVM


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