Day 13 Lafollette TN

Hello first time in four days I have cell phone coverage. Here is a recap of the last four days. As I couldn’t go through the tunnel on 25E I decided to find another way. As Tackket creek rd to Carr Gap road seemed to be a viable option I decided to use it. But when I got there the road was to rough rocks to big for my wagon to go over so I had to turn around and go back to Clairfield Tn. At that point a lady said I could park   behind a church. Just after I got the horses settled a church bell rang so I went to ask what do I do.  An hour later a gentleman showed up and told me about a shortcut to Lafollette. So I had my answer.   I decided to go long way around and go through Lafollette TN which is where I’m at right now. The trip was amazing going through the mountains was beautiful but hard on the boys going up and down. So I am now parked at a small farm outside Lafollette TN. The boys were given a good pasture to graze on.  Coming through Lafollette was very nice people were generous and I’ll be donating to in the name of the people of Lafollette TN.

One thought on “Day 13 Lafollette TN

  1. HI Angela. Sounds like you and the guys are settling in well. It’s nice to hear you’re starting to roll with what the road throws at you. Can’t get through the tunnel? Go around. Long detour? Someone tells you a short cut. As I wrote in the ‘Too Proud” book, “the road will provide.” Looks like, indeed, it’s turning out that way for you. Bernie

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