First day

Day 1. We started the Trek today and arrived at our camping spot alive and in good condition. The boys are picketed and grazing. So the story starts, don’t use the hiking settings on your GPS unless you want to take some off the beaten path trails. We went down steep hills up steep hills and through a creek about     2 1/2 feet deep. The  boys Renegade and Buck handled everything like the great horses they are. When I reached my first camping spot I picketed the boys washed them down with clean water then used horse lineament on them, fed them, and now they are relaxing eatin. I’m not going to mention this stuff to often just assume that I do it every day. Was trying to add photos but it won’t let me.

2 thoughts on “First day

  1. Angela, let me know if you solve the tunnel problem / in the meantime I’ll continue to try to teach my “person” if they aren’t 2 days away from you Ha. She goes to a lot of out of state horse shows i don’t have. Ky map so I don’t know how feasible it would be – look for Winchester ( near Lexington) and let me know. 🙂


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