Day 47

Training has gone well. I’ve teamed the boys up and and pulled the new wagon home. I’m impressed with Renegade and Buck they have taken every new experience with a willing heart, if a bit sceptical on Renegade’s part. Good horses are a must on this type of trip. My boys might not be a matched set but the have good minds and hearts.

1 in 6 children in America faces hunger, all across the United States, in every community. It’s real. With your help, we can change it.

The truth? We have plenty of food in this country. We also have effective programs to feed kids. The problem is not enough families have access to them. We can fix that with after school meals, summer meals and education in food skills for the parents.

Please if you know of a child that goes hungry in your community don’t look away, don’t say its someone else’s problem. Help by talking to the parent, ask if you can help by giving the child or children a meal.

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