Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek


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Hi, I’m Angela, And this is my mission and my dream: Riding for Childhood Hunger Awareness. If you are interested in what Renegade, Cochise, Jessie and I are doing, please read on.
But what exactly are we doing, you’re no doubt wondering? I will be traveling alone with my horses and wagon. 8000+ miles, from the East coast to the West coast and back, on a continuous ride.
There are several different types of hunger. There is the hunger of the body, the hunger of the soul, the hunger of emotions, and the hunger of intellect. When children grow up hungry they do not develop correctly. My mission is to bring awareness of these type of hungers and the problems they cause when children are neglected and are hungry. Children that are hungry as a child become deficient adults and have a hard time becoming successful members of society.

I’ll be starting in July of 2018 and approximately ending in July 2020.

My mission is to bring awareness by stopping at Food Banks and talking to the media online and news papers, and if all goes well to the Television networks, local and national.

My Dream

I know some of you are wondering why. Why do this type of trip? Why the length? Well my desire to do this Trek was started when I was 11 and read about the Abernathy brothers. But even before that I was always looking and wondering what was over the next hill, beyond the next curve of the road. I was always exploring trails less traveled to find out where they went. I am a tractor trailer driver, a trucker. I’ve drove all 48 eight states and Canada. But all I’ve seen was the main roads, I’ve drove by national parks, through wilderness areas , by historical signs. Yet could never stop and actually see the places where history was made. I want to travel at a pace where I can take roads less traveled. Talk to people who I would never see if I was traveling at the modern pace in a car. I want to hear peoples stories of their lives and their ancestors. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams no matter how hard or crazy they seem. I want to bring awareness of Childhood Hunger in America and that one person can make a difference.

Thank you and hope to see you on the road.



Please support hungry children click on button below.

Please help me bring awareness of Childhood Hunger. Click on link below.


4 thoughts on “Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek

  1. I am in Southern Oregon and would like to join you on the trail,draft x ridding &driving horse with wagonette or Dr buggy, are you going to the giant redwoods in Ca ? I am in Rogue River, Oregon, Exit 48 I5, Sunny Valley Oregon has a museum and part of Oregon Trail, I think they do a trail ride/drive

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    • I am planning on going through the redwood’s but it will be somewhere around the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. My trek is starting off this July around the 17 going to Emerald Isle Nc then to the west coast estimated month is Sept in Neah Bay WA then following the coast south through the redwood’s. I am according to were you live I’m planning on coming through your area. But again at this time I cannot give you a exact month much less a date. Depends on how well the horses do, what the weather does. Might be earlier or later best I can say. Angela Wood


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