Inspiration to follow my dreams

So I’m going to mention a few people who have done Treks like I’m planning.

First there is Bernie Harberts author and adventure. He rode across America on a mule. When he started he says he didn’t know much about Mules or equine trekking. But not knowing much he still did it, that takes bravery of a special type. His web site is

Then there is Bernice Ende a lady adventure that has almost 14000 miles to her name on horseback thru America and Canada. She travels alone with her two horses.

Then there is the Wagon teamster Bob Skelding a man who as traveled across America by horse and wagon. Still does treks around in America when he can. He was hit by a eighteen Wheeler and two of his horses were killed and one was injured. He was hospitalized from the accident. After he got better he bought another wagon and team and continued his journey. When the injured horse was healed he rejoined the team. That takes bravery of a awesome sort. His Website is

I would also like to mention another website that has also shown me that I’m not insane or at least if I am then I’m in a select group of people. This would be the long riders guild. Their website is

These and people like them are where I’m getting the inspiration and courage to follow my dreams. How can I not follow them with individuals like these leading and showing the way.FB_IMG_1481419410464.jpg


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