Mentally preparing is impossible

It will be impossible to mentally prepare for the Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek  as I’ve never done one. I’ve been talking about how physically hard thus trip will be. It will be hard as neither me nor my horses are in great shape. At the start of this trek I’ll have been driving a tractor trailer for six years. So I’m overweight and out of shape. My boys have been grazing in a pasture only getting rode once in a while again out of shape and over weight. The weeks I have planned to do training isn’t enough to change that greatly. So when I start the only thing that will get me out of bed is mental toughness. This Trek is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. Harder even then basic training in the army because I was physically in shape for that. Every thing I’ve read about trips like this is that it takes an enormous amount of mental energy. It’s really easy to say I quit and go home because the only thing keeping you out there is yourself. No one is paying you, there really is no reason beyond your dreams to do this. And the worry and stress of making sure your horses are fed increases the energy drain. So mental toughness is important. I believe I can do this and I’m excited about it. But does anyone really know till they are tested to the breaking point and beyond.Ca4aC8vUcAEZ4ZF

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