Horse feed, keeping my horses fit


Horse feed is another unavoidable weight. 1100 lb Horses usually eat around 20 lbs of food a day. So depending on how much grazing I find for them I’ll need anywhere from 10 to 20 lbs per horse per day. My plan is at max amount to be carrying 200 lbs of feed. However that won’t be every day just when I restock. At this point I’m studying on what would be the best feed to carry. Alfalfa and oat cubes or alfalfa and timothy cube or split it between both. I’ve also have been trying to decide if I should maybe just do a complete feed instead. I have also been researching Source Micronutrients as a feed balancer. Bernice Ends the Lady Long Rider uses them with her Horses. After much searching and reading I’ve decide on what to carry the feed in. I think I will use shipping totes they are sturdy and can be stacked empty or loaded. And if I get the large size one will hold fifty lb.

Activity Level Daily Calories
Maintenance Approximately 15,000 calories
Moderate work Approximately 25,000 calories
Heavy work Approximately 33,000 calories
Feed Calories Per Pound
Green Pasture 245
Orchard Grass Hay 872
Alfalfa Hay 977
Timothy Hay 804
Alfalfa Pellets 970
Corn. 1,536
Premium Oats. 1,250
Beet Pulp. 1,059
1cup Oil. 1950
1 cup molasses 950176_1501801622046


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