Timing of my Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek



I’ll be starting out in July which is the hottest part of the year in the south but for the beginning of my Trek I’ll be traveling thru forest and mountain terrain in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina which should help with the heat. Coming back across I’ll be lower down and  travel thru the south will be cooling down. I’ll be going through Arkansas and Oklahoma in January and February which will be the hardest part of the winter because it will be cold but snow doesn’t usually stick around very long in those states. Then comes Kansas and Nebraska which will be cold also but hopefully starting to get warmer.  By time I hit the bad lands in Wyoming and Montana it should be spring so there will be plenty of water and hopefully grass. I should be getting to the Rockies and the Cascades by high summer. Fall on the coast of Washington State. I plan on Wintering along the coast of Washington, Oregon and California coasts. Then in the spring be coming thru Nevada and Utah. Early summer thru Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. Back into fall in the southern states. Now this is the plan but I have no idea if it will work out this way. I might travel slower then planned or it might go faster. That is something that will have to wait and see. Again it’s up to Him.

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