Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek

Hi my name is Angela Wood and I’m following my dream. My dream is to ride my horses across America following in the footsteps of many brave and intrepid horsemen. I have had this dream since I was 11 years old. I have decided that this year is the year to follow my dreams

The name of my dream is Chattrek Childhood Hunger Awareness Trek
I’m challenging America to put a stop to hunger. When children are hungery they no longer dream or hope all they can do is worry about when and where the next meal will come from. I’m following my dreams to prove that dreams can be followed. To convince people to help children in need so that they can dream again. Hunger is an insidious enemy, you can’t concentrate, you can’t dream, you can’t study, or have hope when you hunger. Help me bring dreams back to American Children.
I’ll be starting this trek in July of 2018


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