Insane? No I don’t think so


I have heard these questions from friends, family and people I’ve talked to about my Trek.. Why by horse? Why not by car or Rv? Why do it at all? Aren’t you scared to go by yourself? Aren’t you scared of bears, wolves and bad people?  Are you taking a gun? You need to take a partner. You need to take a weapon. All these questions are designed to make you wonder am I insane to follow my dream. Especially when I get that look you all know the one, the one your parents gave to you as a child that asks you why you are planning something so idiotic. All I can say is when I get old I don’t want to look back on my life and have regrets. Regrets that I failed myself and didn’t follow my dreams. That I failed God because I didn’t follow the dreams he has given me.images

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