No hoof No horse


One of my biggest concerns is that old saying, No Hoof No Horse. I’ve been studying on the problem. My choices are horse shoes, horse boots, glue on shoes or barefoot or a combination of two. Horse shoes, my horses have never wore them. I don’t plan on putting horse shoes on them so that option is tabled. Next option is horse boots been looking into that and have narrowed it to Old Macs easy boots or Cavallo boots.received_10211856473661974

I’ve reviewed both and am still undecided. Same with glue on shoes. Barefoot is to me the best way for my horses. Will have to move real slow till their feet toughen up and keep a close eye on them. If necessary I can then make a decision about the horse boots. I am also looking in to something call Hoof Armor but haven’t received any answer back from my email I sent to them. I will try again as it sounds  promising.




2 thoughts on “No hoof No horse

  1. I have been using Hoof Armor as does another endurance rider. I have liked what I have seen so far and the other rider uses it all the time. I am using it during the winter to protect her feet and looking forward to seeing how she does next summer.

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