Researching camp gear

ec6a2dd122ad964e93f01fcea242affdI wish you could see me as I search for just the right gear. I need tough but light weight gear. So imagine me sitting and researching my bedroll. First I went to the hiking sites and read as which sleeping bags are the best and bookmarking them. Then I read up on what I could find that the other equine travelers used and finding those or as close as I could find to them and bookmarking them by this time I had about two pages of bookmarks. For a bedroll. That was my original sort. Then I started studying reviews and pricing. Deleting and selecting the ones to make to my next choices. Over and over I did this finally I’m down to three. I kid you not it took me three days to choose those three. Then I read another autobiography and threw them all out and chose to make my own bedroll. Why did I decide after all the research to throw it out? Because if I have to leave my wagon I’ll need something that can be used as a bivy tent, a ground cloth, waterproofing, and a cover for my saddles all in one. In short a Cowboy Bedroll.

This was the pattern I used for all of my gear. No not the throwing out after researching the items but the research it self. I would keep studying on one item type till I narrowed it down to just one. In some cases I’m still undecided and in some I decided on both of the last two if they don’t weigh much or cost greatly. I’ll find out which is best on the trail and mail the other one home or give it away to someone who needs it. There will be a list of the items I’ve decided on during the last week before I move out. And more once I know if they work out.

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