The Harnesses

The Harnesses of course are another decision. What type and material of harnesses to be exact. I’ve only drove my pony in a leather gig breast collar type. So once again back to studying. I have decided on biothane for material of the harnesses. Now for the style of harnesses, there are three styles I’m looking at. The work harnesses with collars or the new style euro brollar harnesses and a good sturdy breast collar. Haven’t decided yet. So anyone out there who knows harnesses and and what’s your opinion on the breast collar imageswork collarlux_1_carriage_driving_harness_01, or brollar 18b02db0otherwise known as the euro collar?  My wagon fully loaded will probably weigh in at a 1000lb. Also with the breast collar I really only need one harness I can adjust it to fit each horse and just change the pads. With the work collar I would need three collars cause I’m pretty sure that you aren’t supposed to share work collars and probably have three different sized necks the same with the brollar collar.  Please comment and let me know what you think.

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