Camping Gear

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16 million households in America with children face hunger. It’s a sad fact that in America the land of plenty our children face hunger and don’t know if they’ll eat tomorrow.FB_IMG_1501382607610

I researched and read up on light weight camping/ hiking gear. Stove, pot, bed roll,  all add weight. Since I’m going in a wagon I don’t have to be quit so sensitive about it but still need to be careful.  I’m still going to try to keep the weight down so I’m going to buy a set that can nestle inside each other. I decided on the Ohuohu camp stove mainly due to the reviews from Rei. The  Msr Alpine pot mainly because Ohuhu stove fits inside it so well it’s like it must have been specifically made for it. The whole thing fits like a glove inside the mesh bag that comes with this stove.


As back up and when I need to heat water I decided on the Kelly stove.  The two stoves and pot together weigh in at 3lb appx. Silverware will be a spoon and fork. My bed roll, I have decided on a Teton extra large -30 sleeping bag and will have a waterproof cover made for it. Even though I plan on sleeping on the wagon there is always the chance something will leak. And during the winter I do not want to be sleeping wet. Again lot of research and reading hiking reviews of gear went into this decision.

During the summer I’ll probably just use my light weight wool blankets with sleeping bag liner. Won’t need the -30 sleeping bag for summer. So I’ll be leaving it in my winter supply drop where all my winter gear will be stored and after I pick up my winter gear I’ll leave my summer gear behind to be mailed on to my summer supply drops.

Other camp necessaries I will be carrying is an axe, small sledge hammer, shovel, and chisel. Also will be carrying a tire changing kit, a first aid kit, and a wagon repair kit.s-l500

For my horses I’ll be carrying a farrier kit ie hoof nippers, rasp, durasole, and hoof knife. I will have a horse rain sheet for all the horses. I will also carry a mane brush and a grooming stone.

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