Get to know your Salt River Wild Horses

A thought to one of our National Treasures


Spirit of the West

The Salt River Wild Horses AreIconic

Located in the Tonto National Forest, the Salt River Wild Horses embody the unbridled and rugged spirit of the American South West.

Water Horses: did you even know that they even exist and in our state of Arizona? 

Unique feeding behavior passed down through generations

The Salt River Wild Horses are truly unique in that they have adapted to survive within an aquatic environment.  Eel grass which grows on the bottom of the Salt River during summer months, if left unharvested, could lead to blocked and stagnate water flow.

The horses have become an integral part in controlling the possible overgrowth, by ingesting the plant. Now to really rock your socks, this is how it is done. The adult horse submerges his/her entire head, holding their breath for 5 seconds or more to pull…

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