Wagon researching and finding one

I started calling wagon makers and kept getting told that 1400 lb empty was about as light as I was going to be able to get. But that was not light enough I needed no more then 500 lb empty weight. So I decided to build one. I studied and talked to people about my ideas and kept getting told I couldn’t do it. Frustrating to say the least. My horses weigh in at 1100 approximately, so my wagon fully loaded shouldn’t out weigh them by much. So I kept thinking and researching.

Then I found David Grants book, The Wagon Travel handbook. David Grant drove around the world in seven years with a horse and wagon, with his wife and kids. In his book there was a picture of a light weight wagon that Jean Marston had built for a trip she was planning. That trip never was started but the name of the person she had worked with was there. So I contacted him and ask if he knew who now owned that wagon. He said yes and gave me her name and contact information. I contacted her she said she loved it and wasn’t interested in selling it. But it gave me an idea if what I needed. Please remember that this wagon isn’t the one I’ll be using it just gave me an idea of what I would like.Caravan, a, LS,



By this time it was November 2015. So I again contacted Peter Von Halem who was the original builder. He informed me that yes he could build another one and gave an estimate of $9000. But I could tell he wasn’t enthused. So I kept looking for a builder that would work with me. Emailed every builder of wagons I could find. Sent pictures of Marston’s wagon and kept getting answers back that either we don’t build that type or yes we’ll build it but the price they asked was very high.


I just about gave up on using a wagon even though my dreams kept on insisting for me to use a Wagon. So I keep looking for one  and then I found a builder in Greer South Carolina who said he could.build  a wagon with harnesses  for me for around $6000 and that was with all the bells and whistles. I was excited but I just couldn’t seem to come up with the amount of money.img_20171208_190240 (1)


So again was I just about to give up and go with my original idea of horse and pack horse. Before I gave up though I asked for guidance and help because my dreams were of me with a wagon. That was when I found Facebook Market. There it was  The Wagon it will need some modifications and my friends Debora and Terry said they would be able to help with that actually they will do most of it. So I have my wagon now it just needs to be modified. Below is the wagon before it is modified. The large seats will be removed, the box will be made higher and bigger and  hopefully I will be able to find smaller, lighter tires.FB_IMG_1512782718172


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