The Start

I’ve put a little of this in some of my other blogs but here is the beginning of my Mission and my Dreams.

Where to start hmmm, it started when I was 11 years old, I read the book about the Abernathy brothers who were 5 and 8 when they rode across America. I decided right then that I wanted to make that ride myself. So I hopped on my pony and away I went. My Mom caught up with me in about 11 miles. Cause being a good kid I left her a note so she knew where I was and what I was doing. She explained to me why I couldn’t do the ride and gave me a spanking because I had left the boundaries of where we were allowed to ride.

Over the years I thought about it again and again but life and responsability kept me from doing something so crazy. Crazy and insane I kept telling myself. But I will do it someday, I will.FB_IMG_1501382607610

So that was where I was in April of 2015 when the thought crossed my mind again and again. I told myself that I had to many responsibilities, and I had plans to save money and buy a ranch. So I told myself someday again. Then I started dreaming about it every night I dreamed the same thing. I’m riding down the road on my horse leading another horse pulling a wagon.

Now that was a different idea, I had never thought about doing the ride in with wagon just horseback with pack horse. But the dreams keep coming every night. Finally I sat up one night and said OK OK I’m going to do it, the someday is now. Then the dream changed slightly and on the side of the wagon was a picture of a hungry child. That was when I decided I was going to ride across America and the name of my ride was going to be Childhood Hunger  Awareness Trek, Chat trek for short.


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