Three legs to the Childhood Hunger American Trek.

Please remember that these routes are not set in stone. I’ll be going in the general direction but will go where I am sent and where  I am needed. Also it’s very important to remember while it say 24 days for the first leg. The map means 24 hours a day walking, not the 8 hours I’m planning.  The first leg will take about 15 weeks. Then I have to add in the time that will be spent resting the horses. Which will add an additional 4 weeks to the time.  I’ll leave Science Hill KY in July and reach Emerald Isle Nc in October then Jackson TN in December. And that is if I have no major problems. The health of my boys is very important to me as they come first.


So first leg will be around 5 months.


Second leg will be approximately 7 months


Third leg will be approximately 9 months.

This is going to be a great trip. Please stay with me as I explain my plans. As time passes I’ll be putting updated information on my blog.  Alot of studying and preparing has gone into the planning of this Trek. Thank you for reading my Childhood Hunger American Trek.

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