Freedomwp-1489240673294.jpg is a word everybody uses but very few people truly have. The needs of family, work, and social boundaries tie us to our life. We are told from childhood that the signs of a successful adult is a job a house a car a family and money in the bank. If you don’t have these then you are not a successful person. So we get up in the morning and we go to a job that in the case of 75% of the people we don’t really enjoy. Then if we are lucky we go home to our family which we love but cause of the cost of working in a stressful job we don’t enjoy everyday are to tired to enjoy. And the next day we repeat. I’m not saying its a bad life but I think somewhere or sometime we need to follow our dreams. And this Trek is my dream. All my life which I believe has been a good one I’ve always had to live from paycheck to paycheck. There was never any money left over from paying for life to do anything special. So now my children are grown, my bills are paid off. I now have the ability to start saving money and I was planning to save money to buy a small farm. That was when the idea hit and then the dreams started. I realized that my dreams were right, now was the time to go ahead follow my dreams to freedom.176_1501801622046

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