Donations for horse feed will be gratefully​ accepted.


All donation will be used for my horses.

Meet the Horses
> Renegade is a 15 year old American Paint Horse. He stands 16 hands and weighs in at 1100 pounds. He has a very grumpy attitude, he is always ‘saying’ if I must, do you really really mean for me to do this, really. He loves kids but is always suspicious when you come out to the field, he is always wondering if you are coming out to pet him or ride him if he decides that its riding, you might have to get the grain bucket to catch him. He will be my main riding horse but will also be pulling the wagon.
> Cochise is a 11 year old Mustang Quarter Horse cross. He is stands at 15’3 and weighs in at 1200 lbs. He is a sorrel with a darker mane and tail. He was raised by my best friend Debora Hines. Cochise is a very good trail horse and I’m looking forward to training him to pull a wagon. He learns fast and has a great personality. But he needs to know the his rider is in charge or he thinks he has to take control.

> Jessie is a 3 almost 4 year old American Quarter Horse. He stands 14’2 hands and weighs in at 900 pounds. He is a brown horse with a black mane and tail. He is my youngest horse and being young will spend most of his time walking along side the wagons. He will also alternative as a riding horse and driving horse but only for a little while each day as he is to young for a full day work.
All the horses will be trained to do both jobs.



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